What is Difference Between an Air Fryer and a Convection Oven

Looking for Difference Between Air Fryer and Convection Oven? Are you saying good goodbye to the traditional oven? There is a need for another type of oven. It might be an air fryer or a convection oven.


At this point, you should have a clear idea about what is the difference between an air fryer and a convection oven.


Both are similar to some extent with the air fryer having some advanced features. And what are these different features? To know this you have to stay with us.

What is Difference Between an Air Fryer and a Convection Oven

Let us find the Difference air fryer vs. Convection oven.

Heating difference

The direction of the heat setting is different in both, air fryer and a convection oven. The upper side of the air fryer locates the setting of heat delivered. On the other hand, convection oven provides heat from the lower and upper sides, ended up with the fast cooking.


The size of the air fryer is smaller that allows fast heating. This size facilitates the fan to evenly and quickly heat the fryer. While the convection system is a full-sized oven.

In the case of a convection oven, the bigger size takes time to get it fully heat up. You have to wait until the entire temperature of the oven is fit for cooking.

The smaller size of the air fryer allows the food to find a place near the heat source, resulting in faster cooking.

Fan location

The other distinguishing feature is the location of the fan. The air fryer has a fan on the upper side. In contrast, the fan location is entirely different in a convection oven.

The fan, in the convection oven, inhabits the rear side.

Fan speed

The speed of the fan, that throws hot air, is thirty percent less in the convection oven.

Fan size

The fan size of an air fryer is far big as compared to the convection oven. This results in the efficiently cooking of the food.

Healthier results

The air fryer requires less to zero oil to fully cook the food. It sounds amazing that an air fryer is the most positive alternate of a convection oven. You can bake, toast, cook, fry, or do any other task from the air fryer.


An air fryer brings various secondary accessories with it. These include baskets, trays, spits, and skewers. All these accessories ensure even food cooking.


You have zero need to turn over the food while cooking. Just start the air fryer and carry on your work. You will be informed by the air fryer when it has done its work.

On the dark side,

The air fryer does not allow a large amount of food to cook at a time. If we consider the convection oven, it is the best choice when dealing with large quantities of food and time is enough. Now, get ready to cook the food in a single layer that an air fryer is unable to allow.


An air fryer is the healthiest and economical way of cooking as it uses less oil, takes less time to get heat up, quickly prepare the food, and let the excess oil to remove followed by the crispy texture. Difference Between Air Fryer and Convection Oven.

When you’re choosing whether to use a convection oven or an air fryer, it comes down to personal preference.

For many consumers, this is not an either/or choice. Buying an air fryer certainly doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your convection oven completely.

If you invest in an air fryer with a range of other cooking functions, you’ll find you have a remarkably versatile addition to your kitchen, but it should not be considered as a replacement for your convection oven.

If you’re undecided, you can also find air fryer toaster oven combos. These powerful and multipurpose appliances give you the best of both worlds in a countertop unit.

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