The George Foreman 15-Serving Electric Grill is a grill intended for both indoors and outdoors. use. It is a fully electric grill and, therefore, does not require any type of fuel such as natural gas, propane or coal to function. This grill is primarily intended for apartment owners and users who cannot use a gas-based grill for any reason. Just plug it in and go!

George Foreman 15-Part Electric Grill Review

George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill, 15-Serving, black


  • Suitable for Outdoor and Indoor [19659009] Simple Plug and Play Design [19659009] No outbreaks.
  • Apartment approved.
  • Adjustable and precise temperature control.
  • George Tough ™ Nonstick Coating.
  • Grease removal pending
  • Rapid preheat


  • There is no easy way to check how food is cooked
  • Overheat cable and temperature probe
  • Loose grease trap
  • Wobbly Base

The George Foreman 15 -Serve Electric Grill is a low-profile, portable grill. It can be used both inside and outside your home, as long as there is a plug to plug in.

Although there is no official measurement on the official website, Amazon lists the 11-inch by 20-inch by 20.5-inch grill and has a 240-square-inch cooktop surface. The official George Foreman website claims that it is ideal for making up to 15 servings, but we found that the estimate may be overstated. That said, the grill can accommodate portions suitable for an entire family of seven to eight adults.

What we like about this grill is the ribbed grill plate a signature of George Foreman’s grills. The manufacturer claims that this proprietary design can remove up to 42% fat from a quarter pound of 80/20 uncooked ground chuck. Unlike conventional grills where meat sits on its own fat, the sloping grilling surface of the George Foreman GS240 helps guide juices and fat drips from meat onto the drip pan under the grill, keeping food thinner.

the grilling surface and drip tray are easily removable and dishwasher safe a much-needed feature after a long day of cooking for everyone. However, some grills have complained that grease does not accumulate in the drip tray at times and falls vertically towards the floor / counter. Plus, the grill plate has an internal nonstick coating, named George Tough, to keep food from staying longer. Durable and easy to wash, the coating will lose its effectiveness in due course.

The metallic gray dome-shaped lid, while striking at first and functional to prevent food from cooling, prevents the grill from verifying how food is cooked without having to physically open the lid. The lack of a thermometer makes it even more difficult to monitor and regulate temperature.

The grill comes with a removable bracket that can be easily assembled to house the grill for patio or outdoor use, where a flat surface such as a table or barbecue station is not available. The base and tube of the pedestal on which the grill rests are made of plastic, which causes concern among certain grills regarding its balance and stability.

For precise cooking, this grill comes with an easy-connect probe that heats the grill. There are five different heat settings to choose from. Since the power cord and probe get extremely hot during cooking, we strongly recommend waiting until everything has completely cooled down before cleaning.

The operation of the grill is simple: connect the probe to the grill and the power cable to any outlet. . The temperature control knob ensures a constant and unbreakable temperature across the entire cooking surface. While most users appreciate this consistency, others may not share the same feelings when they want to cook over high heat, like scorching steaks and the like.

Warranty Terms

The George Foreman 15-Part Electric Grill comes with a 30- day free return guarantee and a 3-year limited warranty thereafter.


The George Foreman 15-Serving Electric Grill is a versatile grill designed for cooking with precision and clean energy. This grill is an all-time favorite for apartment dwellers and those looking for trouble-free cooking. This compact grill can be easily moved from indoors to outdoors in no time. All in all, the 15-portion George Foreman electric grill is a great alternative for cases where gas or charcoal grills are out of the equation.

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