Top 10 Best Generic Refrigerator Water Filter for Reviews

It is quite clear that every household nowadays has at least a refrigerator in their home, so getting to know about this device is quite essential.

In this post, we will mention one way to keep your refrigerator more durable and save your budget as well as your health- using a generic refrigerator water filter.

With this applicant, you can have your own healthy source of water every time you need it and cut down the money you have to pay for clean water as well as water bottles every day.

After experiencing lots of devices on the market, we have found the top 10 Best Generic Refrigerator Water Filter in 2021 Reviews, and we will introduce you right in this article.

Before we start with our list, we want to make sure you understand what a generic refrigerator water filter is and why it is important. If your refrigerator has a water tap, you can connect it to a water line and bottled water to drink every time you want.

However, this comes with the problem that there will be a time when your water tastes bad due to the contaminants, and it’s time for water filter work. It will eliminate all the pollutants and keep the taste and smell of your water.

First, we will give you our top 10 best generic refrigerator water filter, and then we will point out the tips to choose the best water bottle for you.

Finally, in this article, we will sum up the most optimal applicant in order to help you get the one. Now let’s get down to know more about the top refrigerator water filter in the market today.

Best Generic Refrigerator Water Filter for Reviews

1. Original Authentic Enagic HG-N Water Filter


When mentioning the Best Generic Refrigerator Water Filter, the first product that appears in our mind is this Original Authentic Enagic HG-N Water Filter of Enagic Kangen manufacturer. This product is an HG-N type with a compact design at the dimension of 6 x 3.6 x 3.4 inches and lightweight.

Besides, this water filter is made from plastic and has a fashionable tan color. When buying this pack, you will get one product. This product does not require batteries, so you don’t have to worry about the package not including one.

This product is also user-friendly thanks to its easy to use feature and excellent quality water filtered.


  • Compact design
  • User-friendly
  • Does not require batteries


  • Not so durable

2. 12-Pack – GE RPWF Compatible Refrigerator Water and Ice Filter

(12-Pack) – GE RPWF Compatible Refrigerator Water and Ice Filter by Zuma Filters

The next package we want to mention is this 12-Pack – GE RPWF Compatible Refrigerator Water and Ice Filter.

Using the highest Made in USA compressed coconut carbon technology, this water filter ensures to eliminate contaminants and bring good taste to your water and ice. Using this device, you don’t have to worry about bad taste, odors, and chlorine anymore.

This 12-Pack – GE RPWF Compatible Refrigerator Water and Ice with high – technology will provide a fresher and more high quality than the traditional charcoal production for water filters. This product is really an economical, eco-friendly, and easy to install solution for your refrigerator.


  • Eco-friendly
  • High-technology
  • Economical solution


  • Large and heavy

3. Smeg 693410677 Refrigerator Water Filter

Smeg 693410677 Refrigerator Water Filter (2)

This set of Smeg 693410677 Refrigerator Water Filter includes two water filters with the capacity of 300 gallons (1,136 liters) each. Its main function is to reduce chemical and mechanical impurity to bring clean and fresh water to your refrigerator.

The product has a six month lifetime, and the manufacturer notices you replace it every six months. Especially, this device has a warning light that lets you know when to alter the filter as the “change filter” light comes on.


  • Reduce chemical and mechanical impurity
  • Warning lights
  • 2 filters included


  • 6 months lifetime

4. Samsung Electronics DA29-00020B Refrigerator Water Filter

Samsung Electronics HAFCIN Samsung DA29-00020B Refrigerator Water Filter, 3 Pack, White, 3 Count

When talking about household appliances, it will be a huge mistake not to mention Samsung. The next product on the best generic refrigerator water filter we want to introduce is Samsung Electronics DA29-00020B Refrigerator Water Filter.

Like all other Samsung products, this device is tested and certified clearly before selling to customers to ensure the highest quality and reduce contaminants for clean water. Samsung makes sure to eliminate up to 99% of numerous potentially harmful contaminants thanks to the high standard carbon block.

By using this device, you can save money of buying water and saving the environment by using fewer plastic bottles. This product is really worth the money!


  • Certified Performance
  • Economical
  • Environment-friendly


  • Only fits certain models

5. Samsung Electronics DA29-00003G Water Filter

Samsung Electronics DA29-00003G Samsung HAF-CU1-2P/XAA Water Filter, 2-Pack, White, 2

Another Samsung product we want to put into this list is the Samsung Electronics DA29-00003G Water Filter. This is a lightweight appliance with only 8 ounces, and it includes three filters per package.

The Samsung water filter is also certified to ensure the highest quality of water source to customers. This product also does not require batteries to operate and has a frustration-free certification. It can eliminate up to 99% of pollutants and save a remarkable amount of water money for you.

Finally, when using this filter, you contribute to protecting the environment by using fewer bottles to store water. However, this product includes no warranty from the manufacturer.


  • Lightweight
  • Frustration-free
  • Save money


  • No warranty

6. WSBQ-1 Water Sentinel Refrigerator Water Filter

WaterSentinel WSBQ-1 Refrigerator Water Filter Replacement for Drinking Water Filtration, Fits: Bosch 640565, EVOLFLTR10, Whirlpool WHKF-R-PLUS, W1085590, 56932, 2168701, 3M Cuno CS-52, CS-51, CS-450

This WSBQ-1 Water Sentinel Refrigerator Water Filter has a compressed carbon block that provides tremendous capacity to reduce and remove contaminants, as well as sediment, appear in your daily water source. Thanks to the unique structure, this carbon block can absorb pollutants like a sponge and keep them stuck on its surface like a magnet.

Additionally, this filter can breakdown impurities to ensure providing you the freshest and cleanest water and ice cubes. This filter will be an economical solution for your refrigerator.


  • Clean and fresh water
  • Remove contaminants
  • Economical


  • High price

7. Thermador Bosch Refrigerator Water Filter

Thermador Bosch Refrigerator Water Filter 00750673

The next product that we want to bring to the list of best generic refrigerator water filter is this Thermador Bosch Refrigerator Water Filter. This product is used popularly for its affordable price and good customer service. The product also has a special design with blue color that can bring a fresh look to your kitchen.

Thermador Bosch Refrigerator Water Filter is also recommended because it fits well to the refrigerator and easy to install and replace. However, it has not been certified by NFS International yet.


  • Affordable price
  • Good customer service
  • Easy to install


Has not been certified

8. GE RPWFE Refrigerator Water Filter

GE RPWFE Refrigerator Water Filter

GE RPWFE Refrigerator Water Filter is the most updated version of filtration of GE with easy to replace. The product is tested and certified to minimize five trace pharmaceuticals, including atenolol, progesterone, ibuprofen, fluoxetine, and trimethoprim.

It gains NSF certification for filtering contaminants such as lead, cysts, asbestos, mercury, and selected pesticides and chemicals.

Besides, the product also has NSF certification for structural performance. This device is recommended to be replaced after 6-month filter life or sooner if the flow rate noticeably declines for best filtration results.


  • Has been test and certified by NFS
  • Most updated version
  • Structural performance


  • Only fit certain models

9. Kenmore 9690 Refrigerator Water Filter

Kenmore 9690 Refrigerator Water Filter, Clear, 2-Pack

The next product we want to recommend on this list is the Kenmore 9690 Refrigerator Water Filter. This product meets the NSF 42 standard for improving the taste and quality of water. This device has a cellulose filter for improvements in sediment reduction and filtering of contaminants such as cysts and sediment.

This pack includes two filters and requires no batteries to operate. The manufacturer also notes that this product’s lifetime is six months and depends on the water quality.


  • NSF 42 standard
  • Cellulose filter
  • No batteries required


  • Lifetime depends on water quality

10. Manitowoc Ice K-00338 Arctic Pure Water Filter

Manitowoc Ice K-00338 Arctic Pure Water Filter Replacement

Another best generic refrigerator water filter that we can tell is this Manitowoc Ice K-00338 Arctic Pure Water Filter. This product has a genuine OEM replacement part that ensures cost-saving and food safety for customers.

This unique Arctic Pure water filter can also be used with ice machines to provide up to 600-pounds of ice per day. The Manitowoc Ice K-00338 Arctic Pure Water Filter is verified by the original equipment manufacturer.

Last but not least, the manufacturer also noted that it is produced only for designed and specified use.


  • Approved by OEM
  • Cost saving
  • Food safety


  • Only for specific design and use

Best Generic Refrigerator Water Filter – Buying Guide

So far, we have given you the necessary, detailed information about our top 13 best generic refrigerator water filter, and we hope you have some impressive options in your mind.

There are numerous ways to find out the right filter that best suits your fridge. First, you can directly contact the customer service of producers for more information. Another way is to check the specifications of your refrigerator then compare the statistics to choose the suitable device.

However, in order to help you understand better about this product and make it easier for you to select, we would like to give you some tips to choose the best generic refrigerator water filter that is most appropriate to your refrigerator and your kitchen. Let’s check it out!

Contaminants That Can Be Eliminated

Before getting a refrigerator water filter for your kitchen, the first thing you need to find out is the impurity found in the water. You can easily test the quality of water by using testing kits that are sold popularly on the market, and the results will reveal everything you need to know about your water standard.

Once you have found out the pollutants that are contained in your water source, you will have to think about what sort of water filter to buy. You definitely will want a filter that is known for reducing the significant impurities in your water.


This is probably one of the most important factors that you need to consider, simply because if your water filter does not fit your refrigerator, everything will become meaningless.

A standard water filter can’t be a one-size-fits-all solution for every refrigerator, so you need to ensure that you have read the specifications and do a little research on the diversity of filter sources that will suit your fridge.


Fortunately, almost all inline refrigerator water filters in the market today do not require a skilled plumber or even someone who knows how to install a water filter in advance for a refrigerator to set it up.

Nearly all the devices today are provided with clear and direct instructions that are easy and straightforward to set up. You can also learn to install the device by watching online videos on Youtube or the manufacturer’s website, so you don’t need to worry much about installation, or else you just need to find a plumber, and your problems will be solved.

Of course, you will want to think about whether your water filter can be set up easily or not as well as it is easy to be repaired and replaced whenever needed. The ideal suggestion is that you should look for the one that is easy in both aspects.


Of course, this product is related to health problems so getting a quality certification is extremely crucial. It seems that in today’s market, any producer can produce something that looks like a water filter and then show off that it provides clean and safe water, yet with the authorities, you can find out if the manufacturer is telling the truth or not.

It is recommended that NSF International and the American National Standards Institute are the two most popular organizations that test and certify water filters for refrigerators. Therefore, you just need to find a product that either or both have verified; it is absolutely safer and worth the money.

To illustrate, we want to note that standard 42 measures the reduction of chlorine ability, while standard 53 is related to heavy metals such as lead and mercury.


All the generic refrigerator water filters will have a wide range of usage whether in terms of the amount of water they will filter or the time the filter will last. Almost all the filters will allow you to change only the filter while some others may require the whole system to be replaced.

In our opinion, you should choose a water filter that can last for at least six months or in some events, some that can last several years, so you had better choose the one that can last longer for economical reasons.


Finally, no matter what kind of product you are buying, the price will always be a problem to consider. As we have reviewed above, the price of a refrigerator inline filter can fluctuate remarkably.

It is often said that the more expensive products will provide higher standard water or than cheaper ones: however, this may not be true all the time. Therefore, the best advice we can give is that you need to stick to your budget and have the most suitable device that you can afford.

If you are still considering this product, let’s watch the clip below for more experiences!


In this part, let’s check out our top 10 Best Generic Refrigerator Water Filter to have the closest look at the product you are going to buy.

Choosing the right generic refrigerator water filter not only provides you a fresh and clean water source but also saves you money on water as well as protects the environment, so do not hesitate to make a decision and bring one to your kitchen.

If you have any question or comment, please contact us or leave a message below, we are ready to be by your side!

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